Current Sounds #5Songs for late summer nostalgia.

A playlist that was originally formed as an antidote for post—Green Man Festival blues. Green Man is my favourite festival in the UK, taking place in the Brecon Beacons mid-August. This playlist also features some artists that weren’t playing this year, but it organically became a collection of songs that I thought worked well together. Enjoy lots of ethereal guitar and vocals, thoughtful lyrics, sounds of love and loss. 

Folk-rock, dreamy indie, melodic folk.

Bolton’s BenchThe New Forest

This time last year, I spent the weekend in one of the most enchanting places in England (in my humble opinion) — The New Forest. It’s a place that I find inspiring and relaxing, and I’m lucky enough to have family who live right in the heart of it, so I often spend weekends down there when I can. As soon as you leave the motorway, you are immediately surrounded by deep woodland and immersed in a natural world, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside.

During this particular trip, we took a walk to a place called Bolton’s Bench. At this time of year, the landscape offers a variety of colours — deep greens, burned oranges and faded browns. We walked across the heathland and over a clearing, bringing us into a small meadow of trees. There are many wild ponies who roam the land there, and it’s not uncommon to see deer running through the valley.

Current Sounds #2Sleepy sounds and old favourites.

This is a shorter version of a playlist I made a few years ago, before the days of Spotify.
Most of the songs are more unusual and lesser-known album tracks, so I was surprised to see that a lot of them were available. A few have sentimental value or a memory attached to them, but mostly I like to put this playlist on to relax or reconnect. 

Folk, soundscapes, jazz, blues, piano, ambient, soundtracks, classical.

LauraPortrait, Travel, Documentary

I’ve spent the past seven months settling into life here in Barcelona. Whilst experiencing one of the hottest summers of my life, I’ve been taking a lot of photos in between cold showers and dodging tourists.

Here are some photos I took of Laura, an artist and friend who I had the pleasure of living with during my first few weeks here. Laura specialises in textile art and mosaics. She is originally from Mexico and cites her inspirations as plants, ceilings, rooftops and smiles. We took a stroll around the district of Raval one hot July afternoon.


Agora Juan Andrés BenítezBarcelona

The summer months in Barcelona bring the ‘Festa Major’ of each neighbourhood, which sees all kinds of live music and entertainment fill the streets over a long weekend. During the celebration of the Festa Major del Raval in July, a friend and I were aimlessly walking around the neighbourhood, going to check out some local bands, when we reached the crossroads between Carrer de l’Aurora and Carrer de la Riereta. Amongst the stage and bar was scattered urban furniture, flags and posters in red and black, displayed on the fencing and hung like bunting from side to side.

Amid the buzz of families and people getting together, we caught the attention of a friendly local, who started to explain to us the history of this particular place and the significance of its location. This was the street on which, in 2013, a man name Juan Andrés Benítez was unjustly killed by the police of Catalonia, after they had been alerted to some commotion on the street.

Once a disused site, he told us that the community have dedicated this space to his memory. It’s now covered with murals, art and social activity.

A walk through CollserolaBarcelona

A few weekends ago, some friends and I decided to escape the city and take a walk through a forested area just outside of Barcelona called Collserola. This mountainous and unspoilt parkland is easily accessible from the city’s metro system, and after a twenty minute walk you can find yourself outside of the hustle and bustle of the streets and welcomed by the lush, green Mediterranean forest.

I read somewhere that this region has been called Barcelona’s great green ‘lung’, as it provides the city with the oxygen it needs. There’s an abundance of beautiful flora and fauna to see; different shades of green with the occasional lilac, yellow or pale blue flower, and a variety of plants displaying leaves in many different shapes. Perfect for embracing the flower-girl within and creating little headpieces, as we did.

What I enjoy most about the natural areas here in the Mediterranean, is the sublime level of sunlight. It delicately seeps through the gaps in the trees and dances on the rocky surfaces, creating playful shadows and patterns. We walked through hidden paths veiled by arches of trees and wandered along the walking trails that take you past old farmhouses and over the rolling landscape.

Below are a few images I took during the walk.