Agora Juan Andrés BenítezBarcelona

The summer months in Barcelona bring the ‘Festa Major’ of each neighbourhood, which sees all kinds of live music and entertainment fill the streets over a long weekend. During the celebration of the Festa Major del Raval in July, a friend and I were aimlessly walking around the neighbourhood, going to check out some local bands, when we reached the crossroads between Carrer de l’Aurora and Carrer de la Riereta. Amongst the stage and bar was scattered urban furniture, flags and posters in red and black, displayed on the fencing and hung like bunting from side to side.

Amid the buzz of families and people getting together, we caught the attention of a friendly local, who started to explain to us the history of this particular place and the significance of its location. This was the street on which, in 2013, a man name Juan Andrés Benítez was unjustly killed by the police of Catalonia, after they had been alerted to some commotion on the street.

Once a disused site, he told us that the community have dedicated this space to his memory. It’s now covered with murals, art and social activity.