A walk through CollserolaBarcelona

A few weekends ago, some friends and I decided to escape the city and take a walk through a forested area just outside of Barcelona called Collserola. This mountainous and unspoilt parkland is easily accessible from the city’s metro system, and after a twenty minute walk you can find yourself outside of the hustle and bustle of the streets and welcomed by the lush, green Mediterranean forest.

I read somewhere that this region has been called Barcelona’s great green ‘lung’, as it provides the city with the oxygen it needs. There’s an abundance of beautiful flora and fauna to see; different shades of green with the occasional lilac, yellow or pale blue flower, and a variety of plants displaying leaves in many different shapes. Perfect for embracing the flower-girl within and creating little headpieces, as we did.

What I enjoy most about the natural areas here in the Mediterranean, is the sublime level of sunlight. It delicately seeps through the gaps in the trees and dances on the rocky surfaces, creating playful shadows and patterns. We walked through hidden paths veiled by arches of trees and wandered along the walking trails that take you past old farmhouses and over the rolling landscape.

Below are a few images I took during the walk.